April 2017


Poem by Megan Saenz

Photos Chris Stanton

Hair by Destinee Terry

Body paint Britt Gianotti


Let Go

Revenge is a kind of wild justice.

Before I fell into violation...

“Why are you crying? Doesn't that feel good?”

Into being stripped of my existence...

“If you'd stop moving then it wouldn't hurt as much.”

Into feeling so alone and guilty...

“Stop freaking out; you're acting like I raped you.”

Like it was my fault, when it was you all along...





The pain I feel as your words replay over and over in my head...

I tell people and they ask, “Do you want revenge or justice?”

“Neither,” I reply.

Because I didn't ask for it...

But he expected something out of it and that's what he got.

There isn't enough justice in the court system to serve you...

There isn't a trail of revenge that could get rid of you, or make me feel better...

Revenge is a kind of wild justice.

Being vulnerable, but coming to terms with acceptance is a strength through forgiveness of myself.

I want neither.

I want to let go...

To surrender, but I can't.

I want everything to stop.

Shatter the silence.

Speak out!

That's my revenge and justice.

Speak out!



This article is featured in the 2017 April RTT:





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