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Brandon Collins and the 3rd Invitational
Silver State Tattoo & Arts Festival

“I get to go to work every day and do something that I love to do, with my friends, and I get paid for it. I can't think of another job that can be any better than that. Not to say it's not hard and stressful as hell sometimes, but it's so rewarding. And I never want to leave that.” - Tattoo artist Brandon Collins

One of the things that makes tattoo artist Brandon Collins so interesting is his curious, inquisitive mind and his voracious appetite for knowledge, and new professional and cultural experiences. Since we first began covering him in 2009, Collins has traveled to Japan, Germany, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and developing nations, to absorb tattoo culture and customs and further his educational awareness and immersion in the craft. In the process, Collins has improved himself as both an artist and a human being. He's gone inward to quiet the demons that, at times, seemed to almost overwhelm him. Collins has now emerged as a respected tattoo artist, convention director, collector and globe-trotting student of the art form, with an entrepreneurial drive to promote the industry, foster collaborative artistic projects and deliver exceptional customer service to his customers, at the newly renamed Lasting Dose Tattoo, now owned by Mike Curatello.


Big Vote. Little Excuse.

Music Agency, Gsbooking,

Part 2 of a Two-part series - April, 2015

Hip Hop’s Booking Powerhouse Features ONYX and Crooked I on “Mixtape Volume 1”

LOS ANGELES, CA – One of the top rising independent music empires in the country, GSBookings, has announced that they will be dropping their own project entitled “Mixtape Volume 1” on April 21, 2015.  GSBookings is one of the leading independent booking agencies and promotional entertainment companies and they have pooled their roster to deliver an electrifying compilation. Female, Latina owner Ginger Silvera, is the visionary of “Mixtape Volume 1” which showcases the music of her clients such as ONYX, and Crooked I.

BareBones Work Wear
Part 2 of a Two-part series - April, 2015

Text Oliver X
Photos Jennifer Sande

Regional retail work and outdoor wear outlets like Truckee's BareBones Work Wear (now six stores strong and growing) benefit from the proliferation of the urban lumberjack trend in the marketplace—even while serving the real working man and woman who depend on their performance and safety gear for their livelihoods.

Batch Cupcakery
April 2015

Text Oliver X
It is rare to use superlatives like “succulent” and “luscious” to describe a gluten-free product.


Isha Casagrande: Coming out of the Closet
April 2015

Text Oliver X
Unbeknownst to most, the pages of major fashion publications are filled with women who once were misfits, overweight, awkward, bullied, abused for their looks,


Crystel Chavis Montecinos' Clementine Vidalia Design
April 2015
Part 1 of a Two-part feature

Text Oliver X
Crystel Chavis Montecinos makes exquisite derby, formal and sunhats that would be right at home...