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RTT Sept 2015

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Gateway Project Gala

Area Artists Create Sculptures from Bicycle Parts for Citywide Exhibition and Auction

RENO, Nev. Northern Nevada is home to the world’s grandest annual celebration of eclectic artistry, and Reno is the gateway to the creativity-embracing playa each summer. Given this connection, a coalition of nonprofit arts organizations and volunteers formed the Gateway Project, which will launch a multi-faceted two-day fundraising event to enrich the city’s public art collection on October 16 and 17, 2015.

September 2015

Athena McIntyre would like to invite you to her debut CD release Saturday, September 26th from 8pm-10pm at the MRC in Sparks NV. Athena's CD release is a celebration of 10 years of sobriety and following her dreams. NO COVER charge and donations will be accepted with entertainment provided by:

  • Guest Speaker- Jo Harvey Weatherford- Instructor @ UNR
  • Areal Dancers
  • A performance by The J French Project
  • Live performance by Athena McIntyre

CROSSRENO September 19th at Rancho San Rafael
September 2015

The Wall Street Journal put it best, “the sport that would happen if road biking and mountain biking fell in love and had an awesome baby... it’s a surprisingly great spectator sport.”

Cyclocross was started in the early 1900’s in Europe by Tour De France riders looking for something to do in their off-season. These athletes would race each other to the next town over from them, and were allowed to cut through farmer’s fields, over fences or take any other shortcuts in order to make it to the town first. Often referred to then as a steeple chase, because the only visible landmark in the next town was the steeple, this was a strategic way for these lads to stay in shape during the winter and put a hurt on their competitors during road race season. The benefit of cyclocross is that the riders vastly improve their on-the-road bike handling abilities. In addition, the forced running sections help to deliver blood to the feet and toes in those cold months, while working other muscle groups that are neglected during the race season.

Sanders at UNR
September 2015

Sen. Bernie Sanders held a rally in front of the IGT Knowledge Center at The University of Nevada, Reno on Aug 18. Two UNR students and a Nevadan registered nurse shared their stories and outlined Sanders' goals and intentions.

Melanie Sisson has been a registered nurse since 1980. She endorsed Sanders on behalf of her union, National Nurses United. Their social media presence has termed #Nurses4Sanders. She also highlighted medical and social reforms like a sustainable living wage, Medicare and healthcare to every human being in this country and an environment that doesn't kill our children.

August 2015

Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight Fashion is a fresh and modern reoccurrence of themes past. The 1970s are sneaking back everywhere we look; in fashion, in design, and in attitude.


Strange Bikinis
August 2015

Strange Bikinis will be popping up shop at The Nest in Reno on August 29th from 12-5pm to get you geared up to head out to the playa!


Art Pixels & Ink – Part 1
August 2015

Everything pixels, anything ink! For artists, photographers, collectors, agencies, galleries, professionals and laymen seeking high-end, gallery quality reproductions

Theater The Full Monty @ Bruka Theater
August 2015

“It was a really great show. Phenomenal! Not only the singing and dancing talent, but the way they got the audience riled up and excited and wondering what would happen next … I just felt like we were part of it, and I think at the end, we were part of it. They were dancing for us. I saw it in New York on Broadway about five years ago and it was extraordinary. They had a couple of big names in that cast. But Bruka's production was better. It just drew me in. The characters were real people who your heart went out to and I wanted to know more about their lives. And the end was phenomenal. It was an excellent show.” - Audience member Kathy Button after the July 12, 2015 Sunday matinee showing of Bruka's The Full Monty

Rob Bell Everything is Spiritual Tour August 9, 2015 @ The Knitting Factory
August 2015

“Soul is the thing that keeps telling you, 'There's more.'” - Rob Bell on Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday


The Myth of No Pain, No Gain

August 2015

Do you find yourself judging your workouts based on how sore you feel the next day? I see this often with my students, because it is common to have the mentality that it's not a great workout unless you are crippled the next day.


Wise Witches:
The Art of Franz Szony

Showing at Sierra Arts Foundation July 2-31

July 2015

It's now been nearly three years since we last featured the artistry of Franz Szony, the gifted photographer, installationist, fashion designer

The Jungle Swings into it’s 25th Year with Remodel, Redefined Menu and Revelry
July 2015

The Jungle, formerly Java Jungle and Jungle Vino, invites patrons to enjoy a newly renovated and expanded café, coffeehouse and barroom during its grand re-opening. Once two separate spaces, The Jungle is now an open unit with exposed brick and original flair. The newest addition is the expanded Barroom where folks can enjoy weekly live music alongside dining and drink promotions highlighting the refined small plates menu.

DestinationDance A Site-Specific Dance Tour Through Downtown Reno
July 2015

What: The 2015 Artown festival will feature a new collaborative piece known as Destination Dance. Site-specific dance is work that is created in response to a particular place or site, inspired by its architecture, design, history, or current use.


The Virginia Street Bridge

July 2015

For the next twelve to sixteen months, downtown traffic will be diverted as the new $18 million dollar Virginia Street Bridge Project replaces the old, structurally compromised, Virginia Street Bridge.


SixFour Growlers
July 2015

So you’re a craft beer aficionado are you? With the craft beer trend alive and well in The Biggest Little City, two local beer-loving businessmen saw opportunity and recently took their enthusiasm to the next level.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Re-opens Downtown's Java Jungle; now called "The Jungle."
June 2015

After a major remodel that saw long-time Java Jungle owner Matt Polley take over the adjacent vacant retail space and expand his coffee and wine bar footprint in Reno's Riverwalk District, the popular art and culture nerve center reopened this evening as "The Jungle." The coffee bar portion is slightly smaller, but showcases an exposed brick structural wall at the east end where local artists exhibit their work. A back kitchen area is now closed off and has a cutout service window for expediting their small plates and signature personal pizzas.

Need 2 Speed
June 2015

Adrenaline junkies rejoice. Need 2 Speed Indoor Kart Racing has your fix and it's a straight up rush. The Italian made electric racing karts (fifty-nine in all) cost roughly $12,000 each for President and CEO Boris Podtetenieff to manufacture...


KRZQ Radio Personality Willobee – Part 1
June 2015

104.1FM KRZQ's quick-witted radio personality Willobee (Weekdays 10am-2pm), wears many hats.


Review Asphalt Socialites Forever and Whatever...
June 2015

On their debut EP Forever and Whatever..., the Asphalt Socialites deliver alt rock-new wave moodscapes under dark synths, layered sonics and sparkling melodic accents.

Same Sex Couple Goes to High School Prom
June 2015

I was given the opportunity to photograph a beautiful lesbian couple for their prom pictures. What I didn't realize at that time was how inspirational they were. These two beautiful souls did something that most of the younger LBGT community might be afraid to do. They showed their love and support for each other and went to prom together—openly. There is something to be said about their courage. Times are changing, and it's our younger generation who are showing us the way.

Art Spot Art Walk
June 2015

Midtown Murals: Get off the Streets and Into the Alleys
I was sitting in the back seat of a station wagon, 10 years old, when the car slightly slowed and my mother turned around in her seat and pointed out the window, “Look, it’s a mural.”

Big Vote. Little Excuse.
May 2015

A grassroots effort of The Biggest Little City Movement, in collaboration with Washoe County, to encourage concerned and engaged citizens to get out & vote. Learn More @ www.WashoeCounty.US/Voters Brought to you by

Brandon Collins and the 3rd Invitational Silver State Tattoo & Arts Festival
May 2015

One of the things that makes tattoo artist Brandon Collins so interesting is his curious, inquisitive mind and his voracious appetite for knowledge, and new professional and cultural experiences.


Salon Tips
May 2015

Spring is finally here! The warm weather is out and people are ready for change. This season blondes and long bobs are on trend. Let’s move into spring with style...


Reno eNVy Launches New Battle Born Lifestyle Brand
May 2015

It's more than a brand; it's a lifestyle. It's about pride and the pioneering spirit. It's reverence for the past and an irreverent celebration of individuality and freedom

Mustang Ranch Steakhouse – Part 1
May 2015

Fine dining in Virginia City used to be an oxymoron. But with the arrival of developer-mogul Lance Gilman's Mustang Ranch Steakhouse, VC finally has a sit-down meal


Mixtape Vol 1
April 2015

One of the top rising independent music empires in the country, GSBookings, has announced that they will be dropping their own project entitled “Mixtape Volume 1” on April 21, 2015.


Bare Bones
BareBones Work Wear
April 2015
Part 2 of a Two-part feature

Text Oliver X
Regional retail work and outdoor wear outlets like Truckee's BareBones Work Wear (now six stores strong and growing) benefit from the proliferation of the urban lumberjack trend...

Batch Cupcakery
April 2015

Text Oliver X
It is rare to use superlatives like “succulent” and “luscious” to describe a gluten-free product.


Isha Casagrande: Coming out of the Closet
April 2015

Text Oliver X
Unbeknownst to most, the pages of major fashion publications are filled with women who once were misfits, overweight, awkward, bullied, abused for their looks,


Crystel Chavis Montecinos' Clementine Vidalia Design
April 2015
Part 1 of a Two-part feature

Text Oliver X
Crystel Chavis Montecinos makes exquisite derby, formal and sunhats that would be right at home...